Audits & Food Safety Standards

This block covers different food safety standards and audit requirements. If available, the forms that are used are also posted.  Let’s Talk Food Safety  describes the basics of audits, how to prepare for an audit, FDA inspections, and third party audits.

American Institute of Baking (AIB)

The AIB International is the certification body of AIB. 


The BRC was established by retailers to harmonize food safety standards used by many in the supply chain. BRC publishes their BRC Global Standards and BRC certification certifies compliance to their quality, safety, and operational standards. BRC Global Standard for Food Safety was the first GFSI benchmarked standard. The files below explain the BRC standards for food safety.

BRC Global Standard Food Safety Issue 8 FAQ

BRC Global Standard Food Safety Issue 8 Updates

BRC Global Standard Food Safety Issue 8


The Costco Food Safety Audit Expectations for Costco Suppliers V1.0 (2014) detail Costco requirements that must be met when products are sold in Costco. 

Various audit templates are available:

Costco Foods GMP Template V2.4.1

Costco Foods Small Supplier Template V2.3.1

Costco GFSI Addendum V2.5.1

Costco Produce Addendum for Field-Packed Commodities V1.0

Costco Produce Facility Audit Addendum V1.0

Primus AuditingOps

PrimusLabs sold its auditing division that was then launched as Primus AuditingOps, maintaining all of PrimusLabs staff and experience and expanding to semi-processed and fully processed produce products such as juices, salsa, and others.

PrimusGFS Overview May 2018

PrimusGFS V3.0 Audit Documents January 1, 2019

U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Seafood Commerce & Certification