A Basic Food Safety Training Course

This was a research project entitled “Minimizing Foodborne Illness Through Educational Programs for Foodhandlers” and funded by USDA CSREES Award# 98-EFSQ-1-0310.

Principal Investigator: Aurora A. Saulo. Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, University of Hawai`i at Manoa

Project Collaborators: Hawaii Food Manufacturers Association, Hawaii Food Industry Association, Hawaii Restaurant Association, Hawaii Department of Health.

The finished product of this research project is a training course named “Do It Right!” that is intended to train Trainers who have already been certified by another food safety course, such as managers and supervisors of food establishments. Trainers in food establishments learn how to teach adults effectively and efficiently, using the educational materials developed in this project. Upon receiving their Certificate of Course Completion, Trainers will be qualified to conduct training programs on safe food practices within their own food establishments, using the same educational materials. Their intended audience will in turn be entry-level food handlers with very little or no knowledge of safe food practices. The educational materials include the Food Handler’s Manual on Food Safety Practices, a 10 min DVD, posters, tips of the week sheets, and examinations. The materials are all downloadable for free and are ready to use. Some government and health agencies use this educational package set as a basic course for entry-level food handlers. These materials were updated in 2012.

Video (2012 Edition, close captioned)

Manual (2012 Edition)

Posters (2012 Edition)

Tip Sheets (2012 Edition)

If you are interested in organizing a workshop on personal hygiene, sanitation, or any other practices to improve the safety of the food you manufacture or handle, please contact Dr. Aurora Saulo via email, voice (808 956 6564), or text (808 226 1950).