The objective of this page is to share experiences in the food industry from the field to retail. Through these shared experiences, we aim to identify the issues and best solutions we have practiced in the food industry, and then build on these best practices for continuous improvement of our operations and minimize or eliminate the factors impacting food safety. The different food industry sectors that will be addressed include raw agricultural production, post-harvest handling, processing, packaging, storage, distribution, and retail. The intended audiences include anyone associated with these different food sectors because food safety is everyone’s business.

To establish decorum in submission and posting, below are guidelines:

  • If you wish, please give your name. At a minimum, state your position title (company affiliation is not necessary) because this may contribute to the understanding of your best practice that may be unique to your situation.
  • There is a 200-word maximum.
  • As the number of shared best practices increases, there will also be an increase in the subject categories.
  • This page may not be used for advertisements of commercial products.
  • This page may not be used to negatively portray companies and products that may have values and philosophies that are different from your own.
  • Not all submitted experiences would be posted. Dr. Saulo has the final editorial decisions.

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