Better Process Control School (BPCS)

The Federal FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices Regulation entitled, “Thermally Processed Low-Acid Food Packaged in Hermetically Sealed Containers,requires that “all operators of retorts, processing systems, and aseptic processing and packaging systems, and container closure inspectors shall be under the operating supervision of a person who has attended a school approved by the Commissioner for giving instruction in retort operations, processing systems operations, aseptic processing and packaging systems operations, and container closure inspections, and has been identified by that school as having satisfactorily completed the prescribed course of instruction.” The Better Process Control School of the University of Hawaii meets requirements of the umbrella GMP and the specific GMP for low-acid foods (21 CFR 113) and acidified foods (21 CFR 114), including acidified foods packed under “California’s pH Control” regulation. A successful completion of the BPCS is also deemed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) to meet their requirements for training in the thermal processing of meat (9 CFR 318.300) and poultry (9 CFR 381.300) food products in hermetically sealed containers.

The BPCS is also open and recommended to processing personnel from high-acid food plants, refrigerated food processing systems, meat and poultry operations, inspectors from the regulatory agencies of the food processing industry, food industry personnel in management, marketing, sales, and those who are in the export/ import business. These individuals are urged to attend the BPCS to know how to reduce risks in their specific food operations. A science or technical degree is helpful but is NOT a prerequisite for successful course completion.

The BPCS may be conducted company-specific.