Recall Coordinators

FDA Recall Coordinator for Human and Animal Food & Cosmetics is from the Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA). FDA/USDA recalls are handled by the respective agencies.

Marjorie Schultz
Division of Human and Animal Food Operations West V
1431 Harbor Bay Parkway
Alameda, CA 94502
TEL 510-337-6898
FAX 510-337-6705


Hawaii Food Recall Coordinator handles recalls issued by the State Department of Health (typically will take no actions on FDA/USDA recalls unless specifically asked for assistance)

Peter Oshiro
Environmental Health Program Manager
Santation/Food & Drug Branch
PO Box 3378
Honolulu, HI 96813
TEL 808-586-8020
FAX 808-586-4729


Edited June 19, 2017