International Activities

Research Projects

Dr. Aurora Saulo is involved with analyzing foods from different parts of the world in terms of food safety and their impact on the safety of the food in the United States. These are performed during dedicated visits to countries in Asia (e.g., the Philippines), the EU (e.g., Austria), and the Pacific (e.g., American Samoa), or during her business travels overseas. Since food available to the US consumer is increasingly global, it is important to monitor the methods and procedures followed in preparing foods imported into the US.

The Food Allergy materials developed at the University of Hawaii have been adopted by others overseas, such as The Kamesei Ryokan Inn in Nagano, Japan. Materials from this educational package are used to notify their guests who may be sensitive to buckwheat (the specialty of their prefecture) that they care about the safety of persons with food allergies.

The “Do It Right!” course has also been adopted by the Philippine Food and Drug Administration as training materials for their own inspectors and for the food establishments they serve. The same materials are being used by different food companies to train their entry-level personnel on food safety.

Outreach Endeavors

Dr. Saulo performs pro-bono work to assist food companies overseas to enhance their food safety programs with the ultimate goal of enhancing the safety of foods entering the US. These activities include demonstrating innovative processes or procedures and how to adapt these to their own establishments. Minor on-site problem solving activities are also given to improve the safety of the foods they produce. She also helps with on-line process filings that many food companies overseas find difficult due to differences in time and communication technologies.

When she travels overseas, she makes it a point to address the media and share science-based information about food and food safety. Her interviews had been live, recorded, and shown on the national networks and print media (e.g., in the Philippines and American Samoa).

At the invitation of foreign governments, regulatory agencies, or food establishments, she conducts overseas certificate courses on HACCP (General, Seafood, Juice, and Meat & Poultry) and the Better Process Control School. She has conducted these courses in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, and American Samoa.

When her schedule permits, Dr. Saulo delivers presentations at conferences and to groups overseas to share information in food science and technology. Topics of interest to food companies and consumers include food additives, myths and fallacies about foods, food allergens, food safety, consumer behavior toward food information and messages, and others. Audiences range from consumers with no scientific background to scientists with advanced degrees. These are very pleasant educational experiences.