Food Safety and Quality Programs

Dr. Aurora A. Saulo’s academic endeavors are under Extension and Instruction, encompassing a broad spectrum with the common objective of educating the clientele on scientific issues related to food. Although she does not have a formal Research appointment, she conducts research applied to address the issues of concern to the food industry. As Professor and Extension Specialist in Food Technology for the University of Hawaii, she provides leadership in food science and technology to Hawaii and the Asia-Pacific commercial food processors, food service industry, and consumers of the activities result in training programs that are used not only in Hawaii but also by our global community. Many of these courses are internationally recognized by regulatory agencies and by most food companies as necessary in certain types of food operations. A Certificate of Course Completion is awarded to those who satisfy all course requirements. Increasing the safety of foods and enhancing their characteristics through these educational programs improve the marketability of the products and their business potential, and enhances the well-being of the consumer.

The clientele includes anyone involved with the food industry such as food processors, foodservice personnel, importers, exporters, warehouse businesses, regulators, policy makers, and those in the associated industries.

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